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Why you need patience, when healing

Healing takes time. That shift in consciousness needs integration.

Certain habits feel outdated, you change them. This will cause energetic disturbances in your relationships. This could be very inconvenient, but change is the only constant thing in life. Isn’t it?

The important thing is to be true to yourself.

Mind yourself.

Put yourself first.

I keep saying that, cause I fail that one ever so often myself, being taught not to be egoistic. Women issues, ancenstral, society programming, all together, well, it is what it is.

You changing your habits, will cause change in others too. Your healing has a ripple effect on others, the whole humanity.

An intutive reading, a souljourney, helps you connect deeper with your inner essence. You receive healing energies and gain clarity on your next step, of your healing, even your souls purpose.

You can book a souljourney here -

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