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Does this sound familiar?

  • Are you hiding your magic?

  • Are you scared of the reaction when you share that you believe in angels for example or see, hear, sense elementals?

  • Are you being afraid of being excluded or laughed at?

  • Are you dumbing down who you really are?

  • Do you dilute your spiritual knowledge?

  • Do you feel you are living different lives?

  • Do you ignore your intuition? 

  • Are you hiding in the spiritual closet?

ChristinaPelican_you are so ready.heic

You are so ready for...

  • using your gifts

  • speaking your truth without second thoughts

  • embracing your uniqueness

  • living the truth of who you really are

  • being authentic

  • owning your values and spiritual knowledge

  • knowing your purpose and living your heart's desire

I can help you

Here's a few reasons
why you find it hard to speak freely

You carry the fear of

  • being burnt at the stake

  • being expelled from society

  • being excluded from your community

  • being laughed at by your loved ones

I can relate!


After difficult times in my family, marked by financial crises, and also illnesses, I turned more and more to my own spiritual healing and to spiritual healing methods. I quite unconsciously  set out on the path of liberation. I followed my call, my longing for lived, unconditional love.

Eventually, I reached a point of no return. I had to make a decision, either I would open up, speak authentically and embody myself authentically or I would keep hiding and slowly die on the inside. You know what I decided, because you are reading this.

I know how it feels to hide my magic and be afraid of sharing my spiritual gifts and speaking authentically.


Now, it is my passion to teach others to step out of the "spiritual closet", so they can embrace their uniqueness, honour the truth of who they are, and live authentically.

Step out of the spiritual closet.png


A 12-week 1:1 journey for women who want to embrace their
uniqueness and release the fear of being fully seen, so they can

live their authentic life freely and share their magic.


In just 12 weeks you'll ...

   drop your guards

   clear subconscious beliefs from your ancestral lines 

   release past life trauma

   get rid of the masks that have kept you "safe"

   step into your power
   learn to speak freely 

   feel safe sharing your magic gifts

   know your worth

   let go of needing approval from others

Why one to one?

The beauty of one to one is that every step of the journey is personalised and I will meet you where you're at. It is custom-tailored to what you need.

What will you get?

  • 10x 1:1 sessions

  • Telegram support in between calls

  • recorded personalised meditations

  • your very own inner-essence reading

  • customised practices to sustain your safe container

  • channelled energy downloads

We'll co-create a safe container in which you will find peace, stillness and deep transformation. Through personalised body practices and meditations you'll create new habits that will support you on your journey. 

Christina, the exchanges we had, the understanding, the connection and the trust, thanks so much, it was a wonderful emotional support that was just perfect for me in the moment. 



Your life after the program

You will know how to connect to the Divine instantly.


You embrace your uniqueness.


You honour the truth of who you are.


You welcome in your authentic you.

You allow your soul to sink deeper within your body.


You feel more aligned and at peace.

You fall in love with yourself.


Stop doubting yourself 

Stop doubting and start embracing your uniqueness. This 1:1 intensive journey will empower you to step out of the spiritual closet.

It is your birthright to be living in your truth and be all you desire to be.


Your journey begins today!


Review of what's included:

  • 10x 1:1 sessions

  • Messenger support in between the calls

  • recorded personalised meditations

  • your very own inner-essence reading

  • custom-tailored practices to sustain your safe containter

  • energy downloads through channeling


pre-recorded chakra sound healing


channelled guidance


personal mini-aura reading 

check-in call  3 months after the course 

full access to all online yoga practices and meditations


"Christina created a sacred and safe space for me to acknowledge, feel and process any feelings and residual emotions necessary to help facilitate healing. I am grateful for her support, honesty and kindness”

Clare G, Coaching Client

This is a good fit for you if… 

  • your heart is calling you make a change.

  • you're committed to your soul path. 

  • you're ready to embrace your uniqueness. 

  • you're willing to take the steps to change. 

  • you really want to step out of the spiritual closet and move forward with loving guidance.

This is not a good fit for you if… 

  • you doubt or question if spiritual tools work

  • you don't believe in spiritual healing

  • you're looking for someone to fix you or do the "work" for you

I have been ...

... on this journey for several years. The years of 2020/2021 were a catalyst for me.
I have found the courage to stand my ground and speak up. Oh, I tell you it has been quite a ride, I conquered my deepest fears.

Here I am now,  sharing my experience, to guide you into your freedom, so you can live who you truly are and embrace your uniqueness. 


Honestly, I believe there are no coincidences. So, if you got to the bottom of this page, there is a reason why you read of all of this. 

Let's have a chat and explore what the next steps are for you.

Let's take a look at your choices

​Taking action and finally having this freedom of being fully you.

Healing all these wounds you have of hiding yourself in the dark. It is time to step up into the light and shine bright.


The cost of not doing it: 

  • More self-denial

  • Frustration, ending in depression or burn-out

  • Always feeling anxious and fearful

  • Inflammation in your body and nervous system leading to chronic disease or other physical problems

  • Allowing others to control you and dominate you

  • Feeling you are not being true to yourself and your soul path

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