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Hi, I am Christina

I am married and mother of two wonderful children. Together with my family I live in Cham, Switzerland. My passion is to guide and teach others to step out of the "spiritual closet", so they can embrace their uniqueness, honour the truth of who they are, and live authentically.. 

My Story

As a kid, I believed in magic. I bet you did too. 

I was deeply connected, but somehow I was shut down.


Spirit and an astrologer told me once in a reading, that I shut off my abilities as a small kid in order to survive.  My mom came through in one of those readings/healings and apologised to me. She said, "I saw you speaking to the plants, to the elementals. I was not ready for a child like you."

There was I a time I lost two loved ones within eight months. My godfather died in an accident and my mother died of cancer. When my mom died, I was eight months pregnant with my second child.

After difficult times in the family, marked by financial crises, and also illnesses, I turned more and more to my own spiritual healing and to spiritual healing modalities. I quite unconsciously set out on the path of liberation. I followed my call, my longing for lived, unconditional love.

I got initated in Reiki, learnt about Matrix Quantum Healing, became a Theta Healing practitioner, a Moon Temple Initiate, a Yoga teacher and many more things, which I now realise I honestly do not have a title for. Besides all of that, I did a lot of self-study. I sought the truth of who I am.

This all happened behind the scenes. I did not speak openly about it. I couldn’t tell my husband, that I was meditateing, connecting with the goddess, senseing my ancestors or connecting to the spirit realm. Oh, I tried many times to speak about it. Terrified I'd be lynched. It was not that bad but most of the time, I received those disapproving looks, and got asked odd questions. I felt ridiculed and criticised. Questions like "Why are you  doing this?" ,  "Why can't you simply appreciate life and be happy? "

Eventually, I reached a point of no return. I had to make a decision, either I would open up, speak authentically and embody myself authentically or I would keep hiding and slowly die on the inside. You know what I decided, because you are reading this. It is still triggering sometimes to talk about it. But the more I practice, the better it gets. It is the truth of who I am.

I know how it feels to hide my magic and be afraid of sharing my spiritual gifts and speak authentically.


Now it is my passion to teach others, to step out of the "spiritual closet", so they can embrace their uniqueness, honour the truth of who they are, and live authentically.

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