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Avalon Priestess Energy Healing with the Chalice Well Light

Welcome to this gentle and unique form of energy healing.

After a preliminary consultation, you will be guided into mediation. You sink into deep relaxation. You are allowed to soften and open to receive. You are held, safe and grounded. Your spiritual team is with you. Your soul guides you.


The energy flows either through the conscious connection, by prior arrangement or in the form of a personal encounter. The channeled healing energies flow to where they are needed to dissolve blockages, release congestion and activate self-healing powers.

Image by William Farlow

Our Session

The old is flowing away, giving way to the new, to the healing energies of timeless awareness.


Depending on the situation, images, soothing warmth or similar may appear. Often you feel energetically high. Depending on what processes are triggered, deeply hidden vessels can open. Nothing happens without your consent, you can surrender with confidence. The soul knows the way and knows exactly what to do next.


No two sessions are the same, each one is unique and tailored to you.

Some say they can feel the energy flowing through the body. As if every cell is being massaged. Others feel deeply grounded, reconnected to their primal trust, or have carried the process deep into the following night, taking the images with them into their dreams.


Whether you wish to receive the images is something you decide before the session. I will then ask you if you would like to do this during the session or afterwards. Being guided into the images of the soul is often a beautiful experience.


What do you get

  • 1 hour energy healing remote or on zoom

  • an energetic clearing

    • You can think of it like maintenance on a car, it is maintenance in your energy field.

  • messages from your higher self & your guides

  • healing transmission with light language

  • a personal recording:

    • Zoom: recording of the healing session​

    • Remote: Voice message of what has come through, what I sensed, as well as visuals, messages from gods, goddess's, guides & guardians

  • check in one or two days after the session

Your cost CHF 133.-

Thank you so much for this wonderful session yesterday. You are a true magician, a great space holder of places, far away from everyday thinking.
My whole being feels safe and loving in your company, to this temple space this temple space - which I can now feel even more deeply within myself. To enter there again and again, into my own self.

Love from Melanie I., Switzerland

After this session you will obtain
  • A more relaxed energy system

  • More clearly in your daily life

  • Faith in your being

  • Aligning with your purpose

  • Following your intuition

  • Deeper connection to your higher self, your soul

  • Starting to see magic unfold in your life

What happens next?

Not sure if I am the right fit for you?

Contact me and let's have a chat and find out what your next steps might be.

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