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Hi beautiful soul !

My name is Christina Pelican

I help women who are hiding their magic and are afraid of sharing their spiritual beliefs to step out of the "spiritual closet", so they can embrace their uniqueness, honour the truth of who they are, and live authentically.

This is absolutely no coincidence you landed on this page. 

Women carry sacred feminine wisdom within them.


It is time they share their spiritual knowledge.


Did you know?

That you are a powerful sacred being. Sometimes, however, we tend to forget our own power since we are so busy living our modern lives with constant demands on our time and energy. This can also make us loose contact with our innate power and forget that there is so much magic all around us that we could use for creating a more fulfilling and joyful life.


I am passionate to bring back the magic of life into the mundane. Therefore, I have created different offers to support you on your own journey of

  • awakening to your truth

  • empower you on your awakening journey

  • guide you on finding your purpose

  • empower you to step out of the spiritual closet

  • support you in speaking your truth

  • sharing embodied spiritual life 

I want to see you thrive and live a life filled with joy and abundance in your authenticity.

Let's be honest

The spiritual journey is quite a ride. It is not for the faint of heart, it is for the curageous ones to see clearly. 


I have been on this spiritural awakening journey for a very long time, and I've been hiding for a quite some years. The years 2020/2021 were a catalyst for me. 

I have found the courage to stand my ground and speak up. Oh, I tell you it has been quite a ride, I conquered my deepest fears.

Here I am now,  sharing my experience, to guide you into your freedom, so you can live who you truly are and embrace your uniqueness. 


Honestly, I believe there are no coincidences. So, if you got to the bottom of this page, there is a reason why you read of all of this. 

Let's have a chat and explore what the next steps are for you.

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