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Remember your divine essence.

In this soul journey, your magical intuitive reading, you will experience a field of healing and unconditional love.

You will receive information, perfectly right for you, from your soul and your aura for your highest purpose.

I am the conduit for what you are ready to receive, through the energy fields and the words that flow through me, what I intuitively sense and see. All in all, it's a multi-dimensional space, held just for you. 

Awakening to your truth
nourishing your goddess self.


You are far more than you believe to be

Your physical body is surrounded by energy fields. Your Aura is the one closest to your physical body. It enfolds  you like a light orb.  


Your aura has your inner essence stored within it. It is connected to the spiritual world. I believe we have simply forgotten this.

Through my practice and the path I am walking on, I have come to know, that my aura is magnetic.

I found out that if, I do not want to be contacted or seen, I unconsciously dimmed my light. Although I wanted to be recognised, it helped me to hide and stay safe. But we are not here to hide, we are here to shine our light. This Mini-Aura Reading is a safe and simple way to remember who you truly are.

The Reading is to reconnect you to your authentic self. Awakeining to who you truly are. Guided by your soul, higher self, goddesses, guardians, angels, elementals, celestial beings, to bring back the memories that seemed to be lost. You will tap back into your sacred truth and your power within.


The world needs you embodied in your authentic self. Now more than ever you are called to shine brighter in your sovereignty.

Does this resonate with you?

What is present after reading these words?


Do you want to...

  • reconnect to your inner essence?

  • remember your lightness within you?

  • contact your soul?

  • connect with your guides?

  • feel held and surrounded in unconditional love?

  • relax even deeper into your being

  • acknowledge who you truly are?

  • embody your authentic self?

What will you receive?

  • 60-75 minutes zoom call 

  • recorded meditation
    to deepen your connection

  • oracle card reading with messages from the divine

  • a deep sense of being loved and filled with light

  • time and space for your questions and to talk about the reading

What do you need to do?

  • gift yourself precious time of self-care

  • either receive the reading one to one on zoom or remotely at a scheduled time

  • create a safe space where you are undisturbed

  • allow yourself to receive  

Cost of the session is CHF 133.- and see below what others have said about  Mini-Intuitve Readings with me.

Christina’s Soul Journey really helped me to reconnect with the essence of who I am. Her voice and her energy are gentle yet strong and I felt safe and held in her presence. The reading was beautiful and made me feel inspired again to be my true self and honour my own light. I loved the extra card reading at the end as well. I would highly recommend a reading with Christina to discover and remember more of who you are.

Louise, Australia

What happens next?

Do you wish to go deeper?

You feel the call to embody your soul?

Find your purpose?

Live authentically?

I woudl love to explore with you your next step. Click below to have a chat.

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