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Open your wings

You are a powerful sacred being. Sometimes, however, we tend to forget our own power since we are so busy living our modern lives with constant demands on our time and energy. This can also make us loose contact with our innate power and forget that there is so much magic all around us that we could use for creating a more fulfilling and joyful life.


Therefore, I have created an offer to help you unfold your magical wings. Throughout four session over a period of four weeks, I will take you on a magical journey with the help of goddesses, guides, angels and others that are in the spiritual realm ready to assist, uplift and empower you on your path. The intention is to help you really KICKSTART your journey and to clear away any blocks that hold you back.

As an intuitive, I guide you with the wisdom I attained through my life experience, years of teaching yoga, mother of two adult children and a co-creator of a successful family business. Besides all of that, I did a lot of self-study. I sought the truth of who I am. I support you with all my heart. 


Our Sessions

During our four sessions that are held through zoom, I invite you to my sacred space.


It’s a safe space I have energetically prepared for our meeting.

We will start by tapping into your being, who you truly are and what is present at this moment.

Then we will get into a state of a guided meditation. This is a mediation channeled uniquely for you in the moment we connect. As we go along, we will meet your beautiful angels, guides, gods and goddesses, beings that are waiting to support and uplift you on your journey. They will through me work on your energy system and your wings, in order to strengthen you on your path. They want to see you thrive! I am guiding you all along the way.


Afterwards the energies will keep on working their magic…

and your will feel refreshed.


What do you get

  • 4x 1:1 calls on zoom

  • your Souljourney 

  • support via WhatsApp or Messenger
    in between calls

  • Energy clearing

  • transmission from spirit, your guides

  • oracle card reading

Your cost CHF 555.-

I loved working with Christina. Her energy is so gentle, yet very powerful. She guided me to what I needed to see and we released so much. This has too helped me see more clearly what I needed to know about my current life situation. Connecting with the all the guides are truly magical. And I too feel more relaxed in my body, but also more energised and with a stronger sense of self. Thank you so much Christina. Love your work.

Love from Jessica

After four weeks you will obtain
  • A more relaxed energy system

  • A heightened intuition

  • More clearly see your path unfolding

  • Aligning with your purpose

  • Feeling empowered

  • Energetic healing 

  • Deepening to embody your souls gifts

  • Starting seeing magic unfold in your life

What happens next?

Not sure if I am the right fit for you?

Contact me and let's have a chat and find out what your next steps might be.

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