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The energy of disappointment

The meaning of the word and the energy in it, as well as behind it, moves me a lot at the moment.

What does disappointment mean?

A disappointment refers to the feeling that one's hopes have been dashed or that one has been unexpectedly caused grief.

The underlying verb enttäuschen was formed in the 19th century as a successful substitute word for the foreign words "detrompieren" (détromper) and "desabusieren" (désabuser), which were borrowed from the French language.

It initially had a positive meaning of "to get out of".

It initially had the positive meaning "to tear out of a deception," "to teach a better," a disillusion.

Dis- deception - the end of a deception.

So where does the feeling of disillusionment come from and when do we experience it?

How does it feel?

Where can we feel it in our bodies?

Have you ever done that?

Feeling into the body when disappointment or any other feeling flared up? Like checking in, when and how it shows up and where you feel it in your body?

Totally exciting and also very helpful, especially when (inexplicable) physical complaints are already there.

I am also pondering the thought, when am I disappointed, how does that show up. In addition to this, there is the fear of disappointment. The fear of disappointing someone or being disappointed.

Hm, when do we disappoint someone, when are we disappointed by ourselves and by others?

A lot has to do with the idea of how something should be. How it or we should be. I'm sure you know this. We all learned it in kindergarten and school and experienced it first hand.

"If you don't conform to the norm, the way it's supposed to be, you're a disappointment."

Yet I wonder, why are we disappointed?

What construct, or how do we come to erect such a thing. Is it genetic or is it so ingrained in the society?

Showing disappointment because XY still hasn't contacted us?

XY has not apologized, this has always been done this way, because one does not do that, and so much more.

What makes us do this?

When and why are we disappointed?

Let's say, we lived in a world without deception, without illusion, in clarity and wakefulness. We would see our fellow human beings, including animals, as they truly are.

There would be no mental constructs of how someone or something has to be.

So dis- deception are only deceptions of our constructs.

What about the fear of disappointment?

Is it the fear of disillusioning oneself, of discovering and exposing one's constructs. To see that it was in vain. That the clarity had been missing and it was "nevertheless" only a dream.

Let me know your thoughts on this, please write in the comments below.

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