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But if it is possible after all?

We live in such a fast-moving world. Surrendering to the process of our experiences seems impossible. I know that the act of surrender is necessary for our ascension as individuals and as humanity.


Awakening to your own truth takes time. For some it may happen in an instant. For others it is a slow process over many years. It is up to their soul's choice and what their learning process is in this incarnation. So there you have it, in a fast-paced world, slowing down seems impossible. But why not? What if it is possible? What would happen if we all began to dare to go beyond what is?


Have the courage to see beyond what is in front of us.

Have the courage of the belief that the impossible is possible.

Have the courage to feel the feelings that are bubbling up inside.

Have the courage to be real and authentic!


We'd throw off those chains, those illusions that have kept us safe.

We'd see the matrix patterns we're in.

We'd have the courage to use it as a mirror to our own limiting beliefs.

We'd begin seeing clearly.


I am so passionate about doing the shadow work. It is so liberating. I would not be who I am today without it.


These words came through today:


Now is the time to surrender.

Slow down and surrender your fears, your rush. Embrace the unknown.


You will see the signs.

Your body is showing you the signs.

Are you seeing it? Are you listening to what it's saying?


It may feel like a betrayal to your loved ones. You are taking time for yourself. You are taking the time to see yourself fully, to feel the energy that you are, to feel the purity of you.


To surrender is to trust. Is there a need for insurance, a need for confirmation of what it'll be like? What will be the outcome for you? What if that reassurance, that insurance, is a lot less than you think you deserve? What if the universe has a bounty of treasures ready for you? But because you play it safe, you only get a tiny bit of it? That would be sad. Wouldn't it?


Much love to you


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