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Suddenly, everyhting is different

Kali came into my life with all her might. I had a skiing accident three weeks ago and had surgery shortly after. Everything went well. Last week I was able to remove 23 staples from my back. Kali, the great cosmic mother with whom everything begins and everything ends, lovingly by my side.

I am aware that this is an initiation. I have not allowed myself the peace and contemplation. On the outside I tried to conjure up something, to create something. To prove and justify myself. I should have simply allowed myself time and peace to let the magic rise from within. Instead, I have been moving against the current of myself. I keep recognizing moments that were there, but I was blinded.

Within me burns a longing to anchor the feminine essence, the divine feminine, bound with the divine masculine, this divine oneness, here on earth. I see how many are thirsting for it. The dysfunction clearly visible, for me anyway, and yet it is still too pleasant to dwell like this.

The yoga offerings are no longer possible for quite a while. I am allowed to let new things emerge. I am initiated in the Moon Temple, deeply connected to the goddesses of the divine feminine. They speak through me. I follow the call.

My calling is my healing.

I embrace the unknown. The shell I have neatly woven to fit into society, I let it melt. What I have learned is deeply anchored, everything else flows away and is consciously burned in the fire of transformation. What my transformation does to my loved ones, I also let go. For this is exactly why they are by my side. This is how it was agreed upon, long ago.

I heal and so do my loved ones with me, so do you with me and around me. In deep gratitude, love and connection.


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