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Find inner strength and self-confidence in the most difficult times and transform your world

I stood at a crossroads where it seemed as if my world was falling apart. After losing my mother and being pregnant in my eighth month, while my son was only one and a half years old, I felt deeply hurt, helpless, and abandoned. Who would be there for me now, like she always was? Who would be my rock in tough times? I realized that I had to be my own support, that I had this inner strength.

My journey to strengthening my self-esteem and my true greatness has led me through deep wounds and personal grief. Much of what I see in the outer world, I also discover in myself - they are reflective images. This also includes being misunderstood. I didn't understand myself and desperately tried to explain myself, which only made things worse.

Out of fear of expressing my feelings, thoughts, and perceptions, I remained silent and withdrew. For a long time, I did not understand myself. I focused too much on the reactions of others, always prepared. The bitterness was always present. No wonder, since I was focused on the outside world and not on myself.

Fortunately, I recognized this. Also, that I always have to deal with past lives; it even shows up in my horoscope that karmic issues are very dominant. Many say that there is enough to do in the present, and I agree. And yet, the past is always present.

Thanks to techniques like the Compassion Key or Theta Healing, as well as breathwork, I can recognize the cause of my scars. And you know what? I do this not only for myself but also for my family, my children. So that they can break through and heal old, outdated behavioral patterns and conditioning. They should not carry the burdens that the ancestors took to the grave, believing it was over. What an illusion.

The children of the new age are here to lift the world out of its rigid tracks and reshaping it, for each other. So one of my tasks is to remind myself and peel away the layers and masks that prevent me from fully embodying my soul.

Yes, this is me. A lightworker who does not back down when shadows arise. Sometimes with some detours, but then I go straight through the chaos. Because there is no other way than through. Everything else is nonsense and manifests in the body through discomfort, conflict, dissatisfaction, bitterness, etc. I choose freedom through my self-empowerment. I transform myself within the system and thereby change the system. I am confident and trust that many will feel a similar desire and join me. In their own, unique way.

Let's move forward, side by side, each for himself, and yet together. Isn't that wonderful? I love it.

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