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How to remember your hearts desire

You’ll remember through a visualisation journey of the soul into your deepest memories in your heart, where your soul resides.

You will:

- reconnect with your heart's desires.

- remember your dreams and visions.

- strengthen trust in your intuition and guidance.

As we grow up, we tend to put our dreams and visions in a corner. We eventually give up our dreams of saving the world, becoming a ballet dancer, racing driver or ice hockey player. The seriousness of life has a firm grip on us.

I am passionate for us to remember the abundance of possibilities. That childlike curiosity about life, the joy, the silliness, the hope, the belief in the abundance of everything. What if we all remember this deep inner knowing that this life is an adventure, a joy.

My reading - the soul journey - helps you to recognize this magic of visualization again. It is as if you are dreaming and energy is flowing through you. The images, the words that your soul conveys to you are healing on all levels, body, mind and soul.

My inner child has dreamed and hoped for so long that one day I would be able to make such journeys myself. They have awakened a deep longing in me to weave the magic into everyday life and make it tangible.

The Soul Journey is a dream come true.

Every journey is unique, because every person, every soul is unique in its expression.

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