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Following your guidance births new things

I have followed my inner guidance and it is pushing me beyond my comfort zone. Sounds very challenging, lets put it in other words, I am expanding my comfort zone. Better, don’t you think? Wanna know why, read on.

On the 1. August 2023, I created a FB group “Pathway to the heart”. It is a space for you to nourish your soul essence. I will go live twice a month. This space I created is for you. It is not about me, I serve as a channel, a vessel, bringing through divine energies for you to remember your inner light, your bright goddess self.

The divine feminine has been suppressed for so long, it is on the rise. The divine masculine is yearning for this energy to evolve as well.

I have experienced these journeys myself and they have been so powerful for me. A deep longing was stilled. Like a child drinking from the breast of the mother. I emersed myself into various trainings to remember myself, still the yearning and to become a vessel crating spaces to bring the energy to earth, for you to remember yourself too. My accident in February has made it even clearer. To slow down and follow the guidance, these inner nudges I had for so long. I am here for a purpose, we all are.

So here I am, sweating, my heart pumping and my mind saying, no no no, how do you dare to do this. But my heart opens wide and is saying YES.

If you would like to join, let me know. It is a private space for you to nourish your soul. The transmissions will ignite these long-lost memories of your being, in your cells.

Oh, by the way, the transmissions will be in German and English. I will alternate intuitively. Once in English, the other one in German. And I invite you to listen to both. Especially the one you do not understand fully, it is a great opportunity to dive deeper into the sensations in your body, that the energies and words from the goddess create within you.

The golden age, that so many talk about, is being created through us. We are here right now to birth it on earth. I feel humbled and I am so grateful for this opportunity. Let’s step on the pathway to the heart. Together as a community and each one on their very own.

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