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10 Steps to walk into the light

The danger with these days is, that you can get caught up in a negative spiral. Thoughts are so powerful. If we only knew, we’d be more careful of what we think. Every thought is a creation. The more you think about it, the faster it will manifest itself.

I created a short guided meditation for you to find your way out of this negative spiral. I like to call it a cloaked sea or pond. If you go through this deep dark pond, you will gift yourself clarity and light.

Druch den trüben Tümpel

10 steps to walk into the light.

  1. Close your eyes.

  2. Consciously breath in and out, until you feel your breath has slowed down.

  3. Become aware of what you recognise and experience.

  4. What do you feel? Acknowledge these feelings and emotions, without judgement.

  5. Keep observing it all. Let those thoughts, inner pictures and emotions come to the surface. Acknowledge them and let them pass by, like a cloud in the sky. Your mind is claming down.

  6. Choose one issue and look at it. What happens when you do this? Does it just fade away? Are you being shown a solution? Help? Do you have a revelation, like why you feel the way you feel? What can you alter for yourself? Do you recognise another path that you could take for your highest good?

  7. Bring your hands together in front of your heart.

  8. Speak out loud or silently: “Thank you, I acknowledge you …. (name the issue) and I thank myself for the understanding I have learned out of it. “

  9. Consciously breath in and out. How do you feel?

  10. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes.

You did it!!!! Congratulations!!!

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